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March 22, 2018

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Updated: Mar. 22 (15:59)

Local 3169 Hosts CPR & Stop the Bleed Programs
IAFF Local 3169
March 20, 2018: Uniformed Professional Fire Fighters Association of Connecticut Legislative Conference Old Judiciary Room, State Capitol
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Denver Firefighters Local 858
Annual Retirement and Awards Banquet
IAFF Local 739
2018 MDA Bowling Event
Foxborough Professional Fire Fighters
Gina Galetti Scholarship
IAFF Local 42
Remount Watch
Updated On: Sep 14, 2009

The Community Fire Protection District under the leadership of the Board of Directors have embarked on a recycling program that is saving the tax payers a minimum of 40% on ambulance replacement. We have upgraded our fleet from open seamed ambulances to unitized all welded, all aluminum ambulances. The resulting ambulance is stronger and resist compartment intrusion in an accident. A benefit to the stronger ambulance is an enhanced ability to remount the box. Watch this page for updates as we go through our Fourth remount.

August 28 2008 - Specifications reviewed for chassis for next remount. Release date for chassis bid January 2009

November 20 2008 - Meeting to be held in December to review needed repairs during remount process.

Members of the department reviewing needed repairs.

Narrowing of bumper to body gap.

rust from road salts

Tear in rear head knocker.

Puncture wound to attendant seat.

Crack in L1 interior door.

Electrolysis L2-3 hinge

Electrolysis L1 hinge

Electrolysis R2


Due to heavy road salt use in the area electrolysis is present around the lower edge of doors more pronounced at hinges. However due to extensive prep work at time of painting we have not experienced paint break though nor do we expect to prior to remount.

January 2 2009 - Remount specifications are being drawn up expected release this month.

January 12 2009 - Remount specifications printed and are under review by staff.

January 21 2009 - Bids released for chassis and remount

February 4 2009 - Remount Bid awarded to Excellance,inc.

February 9 2009 - Production number RM-943 assigned.

February 11 2009 - Chassis Bid awarded to Lou Fusz

February 12 2009 - Chassis: Estimated build date is first week of April with an estimated delivery date to be about three weeks after that.

February 12 2009 - Update portal opened at Excellance

February 27 2009 - Tentative date for pre-construction conference set for July 29 2009 at the factory

April 22 2009 - Chassis arrived at ExcellanceReviewReviewCustomerProduction

Paperwork Released for Internal Review
Internal Review
All Questions Answered by Customer
Unit Paperwork Released to Production

Remount arrival at Factory

On July 27th a pre-construction meeting was held at Excellance and the ambulance was turned over to the factory. We expect delivery of our refurbished ambulance in September.

Striped and dismounted



in body shop


Grind - Rough welds ground smooth, flush with body.
Body - Body filler used to make smooth surface.

In Buff Forward View

In Buff Aft View

Prime - Body prepared "primed" for paint.
Buff - Final stage of paint to smooth paint surface.

In Final aft view

In final interior

In final forward view

Mount - Body and chassis are bolted together.
Final Assembly - Exterior lights, upholstery, etc., & final detail.

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Updated: Mar. 22 (17:01)

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